Advocate's / Barrister's Robe
Texturised Polyester

Manufactured to the traditional English style with sleeve pleats and pouch attached to the back. Two theories exist regarding the pouch that appear on these robes: one is that it harks back to the 14th century when the defence deposited remuneration into the pouch, which resembled a large pocket sewn into the gown with an opening between the shoulders. This was done in secret as gentlemen in those days did not accept money in exchange for defending a friend. The second theory is that the pouch is a derivative of the mourning robe adopted following the death of King Charles II in 1685. The fashion still remains to this day, though neither theory can be accurately confirmed. Worn by Advocates and Barristers Lace Jabot not included


The Birch's label pays tribute to our heritage. It is renowned for quality and is entrenched the history of the distinguished industries it serves and it is a quality guarantee of our craftsmanship.

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