At the Birch’s Robe Factory, the main focus is on quality, customisation, craftsmanship and efficient service.

Birch’s specialist robe–making factory situated in the heart of frontier country, Makhanda (previously Grahamstown), South Africa. The factory allows us to plan and manage production around specific customer requirements and minimum orders. With a recent investment in 1000sqm warehouse extension, Birch’s has the infrastructure, and being the 3rd largest employer in Grahamstown, Birch’s has the capacity and technical skill to maintain efficiency and timeous delivery without compromising on our quality.

Today, Birch’s is the largest manufacturer of quality Academic, Legal, Municipal and Clerical gowns in South Africa; all of which are made to order.





Birch’s sourcing and production processes are structured to achieve value for money and a fast turnaround. As designers and official robe-makers to most of the tertiary institutions in South Africa, the company understands the importance of colours related to each institution and its various faculties.

Whether you require a specific trim, fabric or colour, Birch’s local and global sourcing systems offer clients a cost-effective, consistent solution that suits their exact technical and aesthetic requirements.





With generations of skilled craftsmen at the Birch’s factory, you can be assured of their meticulous attention to detail, skillful fabric handling and stringent quality control. From sampling to final delivery, Birch’s will give you complete confidence in the brand.





Having traded for more than 15 decades, the Birch’s name has been entrenched into almost every distinguished South African fraternity in the last century. From academic robes, to clerical, municipal and legal attire, Birch’s is proudly recognised by their label with the slogan “Sewn in Distinction”; reinforcing the idea that with each cut, stitch and thread, Birch’s pays homage to the distinguished wearer of their robes. Furthermore it’s a mark of Birch’s commitment to quality and is a true assurance of their craftsmanship.





















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