Looking for locally made face masks? As we all begin to adjust to the new norm, face masks have become a vital accessory when going out in public.

With over 80 years of expertise in the manufacturing of academic, legal, municipal and clerical attire, Birch's in Makhanda has adapted its robe making factory in Grahamstown to assist in meeting the demand of face masks to help fight the global Covid-19 pandemic. Our highly skilled staff at Birch’s are here to assist individuals, families, schools and companies in the supply of locally made and customisable face masks with our wide range of quality fabric cloth and sublimation printing, ensuring all your specific needs are met.

Contact Birch’s today and let us assist in the design, sample and manufacturing of your face masks.







Cloth Face Mask

Please take note that wearing a cloth mask only, will not guarantee protection against COVID-19.
It is more effective when combined with basic safety precautions, such as regular hand washing and social distancing.



Care Instructions:

  • Wash mask daily in soap and hot water
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly
  • DO NOT directly iron the mask, place a clean cloth between the hot iron & mask


How to use:

  • Only use when clean and ironed
  • Place on correct side facing nose and mouth by only touching elastic bands. DO NOT touch cloth part
  • Once on, DO NOT touch your face
  • When you remove it, remove by elastic bands, fold inside out and place in a container preserved for washing
  • Wash hands thoroughly afterwards
  • DO NOT reuse plastic bag



What we do to Stay Safe