Birch’s Municipal robes and their regalia have graced the shoulders of many great African municipal leaders. From the Birch’s robe making factory in Grahamstown, using time-honoured techniques and globally sourced fabrics; the hand-crafted Municipal Gowns can be found in many municipal offices across South Africa and Africa and are worn by mayors, town clerks, aldermen and councillors.






With a constant pursuit to source the most beautiful fabrics, the Birch's sourcing department has curated some of the finest and most luxurious fabrics such as satin and gold oakleaf lace. A variety in traditional colours and ornate finishes like Velvet Denholme, is used to add that touch of elegant detailing to Birch’s Municipal robes. Whether it’s a robe for the Mayor or the entire municipality council, contact us and let us help you select fabrics and finishes specific to your municipal attire requirements.





Birch’s handmade Municipal robes are created to the highest exacting standards. Made from a variety of local and internationally sourced fabrics, Birch’s robes are created to ensure each municipality is uniquely represented. The fabrics and finishes used are of the highest quality and are available in various colour options. Red is most often used for the Mayor's Robe although some Municipalities choose a colour which is prominent in their crest. Velvet forms part of the trim of the standard Mayor's robe. Gold oakleaf lace in 12mm or 25mm widths can be tastefully added to enrich the appearance.

  • Made to Measure (Bespoke)
  • Dry Cleanable
  • Locally and globally sourced fabrics
  • Designed, Woven & Made in South Africa.




The Mayor's Robe

The Mayor's Robe is always in two contrasting colours. This is as a reminder, that there are always two different sides to everything brought before the mayor, and it is essential that both points of view are considered. It also draws attention to the fact that life consists of both light and shade, and warns that while one should foster  as much brightness as possible, the Mayor should never forget that we have to face up to our share of darkness.

The Mayor's Gloves

The traditional whiteness of the mayor's gloves is an emblem of purity, and the significance of  this is obvious. It is expected that during a Mayor's term of office, his conduct will be honest and spotless, and when the time comes for him to relinquish his trust, the gloves may be handed to his successor as pure and unsullied as he received them.

The Mayor's Chain

Firstly, the distinctive mayoral chain marks the Mayor as an outstanding, important person in his town. But just as it was  the custom in ancient times to place a chain around the neck of all slaves with their names inscribed so that they may be easily recognised, so too does the Mayor's chain, with his name engraved on one  of its many links, serve as  a reminder that he is nevertheless at the service of his people.

The Mayor's Hat

The Mayors hat is always worn fore and aft, and never sideways. This is intended to indicate that the Mayor, while looking forward to the future with confidence, should never omit to look back and profit from the experience of the past.

Above are just a few examples taken from our vast range of Municipal Attire. Please contact us for more information or for a brochure to be sent to you.